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Our company has grown on Strength of Character, Dignity and Fudiciary responsibility.  We surround ourselves with the same quality minded individuals and businesses to promote comfort and stability to others.

I began my career in the insurance industry in 1975.  I found I had such a passion for helping others, that I struck out on my own and formed C. A. Reid & Associates, LLC in 1989.


I started my agency at a time when insurance companies decided to stop providing

training and education classes for agents.   The Major Carriers did offer excellent products, but they were lacking on marketing plans and how to deliver these great products out to the consumers.  C. A. Reid & Associates,LLC addressed the issues and filled the need.  Today we have worked with thousands of Independent Agents/Agencies, to develop creative and customized marketing plans to assist all agents with selling  Life, Health, Long Term Care, Disability and many other products as seamlessly as possible.


We understand that P&C Agents want to sell life insurance as well as other products, but they:

               - Are out of their comfort zone

               - Feel like they Just do not have the time

               - Or they simply do not want to make a mistake


C.A. Reid & Associates, LLC overcame the objections of  Agents and Agency owners, by providing up to date product knowledge on the highly desireable market place products.

We consistently share our Expertise and knowledge, and continue to increase our

hands on, individualized training to make selling a Fun Experience.  The success of our

hands on approach has shown us that the majority of our Top Producers do not come from a life insurance background.  However, these Top Producers are taking care of their client’s needs and are also reaping the rewards of success through increased referrals and retention.  Which ultimately means increased Sales and Income!


Our goal at C.A. Reid & Associates, LLC is to provide the SERVICE that will make your job easier.  We are proud to work for YOU!  We are the professional extension of your personal office.

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